Banana Chips

Banana chips, with origins in Kerala and India.

Tapioca Chips

Tapioca chips are a snack food made from thin wafers. 

Tapioca Stick

Tapioca Sticks are deep-fried sticks that are made from.


Murukku is a savory, crunchy snack originating from. 

Potato Chips

Potato chips, or crisps, are thin slices of potato that. 

Bitter Gourd Chips 

Bitter gourd chips or pavakkai chips is a fried snack popular.


The mixture is one of the most favorite crispy snacks of India. 

Peanut Candy 

Peanut Candy is a type of confection consisting of flat.

Sesame Candy 

Sesame seed candy is a confection of sesame seeds and sugar. 

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Achappam is a deep-fried rose cookie made with rice flour.

Sweet Banana Chips 

Sweet banana chips can be loaded with calories, saturated fat. 

Banana Four Cut Chips

Banana Four-cut chips · Made from nendran banana which is local. 

Banana chips, with origins in Kerala and  India.

Banana Fruit Chips